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Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo, capital city of the Dominican Republic, is the oldest continually inhabited European settlement in the Americas, having been founded in 1498 by Bartholomew Columbus, brother of Christopher. The city has a long and fascinating history, having been victimized by pirates, overrun by slaves, re-named by a dictator and more. It is a city where history comes to life, and the Dominicans are justly proud of their status as the oldest European city in the Americas.

Santo Domingo - Los Tres Ojos
Los Tres Ojos

Los Tres Ojos — one of Santo Domingo's most unique attractions

Consisting of three very humid caverns with still, dark lagoons inside and connected by stalactite-filled passages, this is a mildly interesting site frequented by organized tours. The caves are limestone sinkholes, carved by water erosion over thousands of years. Unfortunately, the tranquility of the setting is usually upset by guides aplenty (who are unnecessary) and vendors aggressively hawking their services and wares at the entrance. The entrance is a long stairway down a narrow tunnel in the rock; once at the bottom, cement paths lead you through the caves or you can visit them by boat.